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About Us

A few words about us

How We Started

Having been born and raised in Chile, a country were its people are one of the highest bread consumer per capita in Latin America, and being blessed with abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, I grew up smelling and tasting delicious sandwiches that my mother made for us in her own homemade bread. Even a simple Cheese /tomato/olive oil and salt was a delicatessen in her bread. When I moved to Midwest USA in 1977, I had a food cultural shock. Everything was so different. The vegetable concept came from inside a can. There I had my first hamburger. Who knows what was inside the meat patty, but sure did not taste like real beef. Things improved when I moved to San Diego California, fresher vegetable were available. There I was introduced to homemade Mexican food from my friends across the border in Tijuana. Moving to Estonia in 2007 was my second food cultural sock.

A place to enjoy

Tasty, and Fresh made Food

Where to go when feeling hungry for a good fresh made sandwich??? and without having to get a bank loan to pay for it?? None. So I started to make my own at home for family and friends. For gatherings, parties, birthdays, etc. by the end of 2013, my wife and I, got encouraged to start a business. In 2014 Bueno Gourmet OÜ was officially born. Providing a short but well-chosen list of South and North American specialty sandwiches. Since then, our food has been welcomed and our growth has been steady having. We have exciting plans for the future. We make a great deal of effort to stick to our original goal and motivation: “To provide South and North American food that is tasty, fresh made, no preservatives, 100% real meat product at an affordable price.”

– Eve and Jorge

100% Real Meats and Fresh Vegetables

Grilled  Hamburger meat from fresh.  100%  beef.

Grilled  Steak meat from fresh 100% beef.

Grilled grill our chicken from a fresh chicken .

We make our own   Dressings and sauces for all products.

Corn tortillas are 100% Mexican corn. All natural, Gluten free, No GMO.

* “Pico de Gallo”  is a Mexican salad Mix.  Tomato, onions, fresh sweet chile, fresh coriander, lemon, salt.

* Our vegetarian an vegan wrap includes a grilled mix of  Black beans, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms.

* Items with french fries or churros have a minimum of extra 5 minutes wait.

Non alcoholic Beverages

  • Fanta
  • Water
  • Coke
  • Coke Zero
  • Sprite


We cater for all occasions. Private & Company events

In general, you can choose from all our regular menu, but also we can prepare something tailored to your taste.

Minimum Catering Order €200:

Catering can be arranged with a food truck on your location

Food truck on location is €50 base fee  + €20 per hour + 0,70c km+ order.

Orders over €500 we do not charge the Base fee

Call or Email us for a formal quote.

Some of Our Clients:

Testlio OÜ, Tridens AS (Redbull Distributor.), Via Hansa LTD, PipeDrive OÜ, Pudel Bar, Sori Brewing Estonia OÜ, Derivco Estonia OU, Hispaania Maja, EMK Tallina Kogudus.

Order by eMail

Order by Phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? Give us a call! You can contact us between 12 pm and 22 pm. Our Phone number is 5832- 3530

Advance notice: 4 work days


Our food can be ordered  via Wolt delivery system


Please contact us for orders greater then € 75

We could deliver for free upon availability.

Please, one  day advance notice.

For  Company orders, we will issue invoice if requested. (VAT included in prices)


Festival & Events

We Participate in the Following Festivals Every Year

Tallinn Street food Festival. (Tallinna Tänavatoidufestivalist ) Telliskivi Loomelinnak . June

Telliskivi Kirbuturg Festival. Telliskivi Loomelinnak. August

Uus mailm Festival. Uus mailm neighborhood. September

Literacy Street Festival (Kirjandustänava festival) Kadrioru area. September

If you are an event organizer and would like to invite us to participate, please send an email with details of your event. We review and consider all invitations.

Contact us

Bueno Gourmet OÜ

Reg. 12613245

Endla 44-3

Tallinn 10613

KM: EE101697215

Swedbank:   EE152200221059199657

Food Truck

Telliskivi 60A (Telliskivi Loomelinnak )

Parked 10 meter from Pudel bar

Food truck Phone  5597 3455   (info, delivery, take away orders)

Winter Hours

Monday. Gluten Free menu , Venezuelan Arepas .  12:15 -19:00

Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday:  12:15 – 23:00

Friday and Saturday:  12:15- 00:30

Sunday:  Closed

Summer Hours

Monday. Gluten Free menu , Venezuelan Arepas 12:15-19:00

Tuesdays, Wednesday and  Thursday:  12:15- 24:00

Friday and Saturday:  12:15 -01:00

Sunday :  Closed


General info:  info@buenogourmet.com

Catering, Event, Festivals:

English: jorge@buenogourmet.com

Estonian: eve@buenogourmet.com

Get in touch

Delivery / Take away: 5597 3455

Catering, Events, Festivals:   5832- 3530

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